Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club Ltd. Established 1977

40th Anniversary

Committee Posts                                     Roll of Honour                          



The President’s roles are as:
A figurehead and the senior representative of the Club.
A ‘father figure’ and advisor to the Committee.
A trustee and guardian of SAOC ethos and tradition.
The President must be:
A long-standing active SAOC member of excellent character. 
An experienced ex-Committee member.
Available and approachable, especially to the Committee.
The President is normally expected to attend the SAOC National Meeting and AGM and at least some of its other events or shows


The Chairman’s main duty is to chair Club Committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting. It is their duty to ensure that these meetings are carried out in an orderly fashion and that all items listed on the agenda are discussed. The Chairman also usually deals with matters that arise during the normal day to day activities, which require attention from someone with seniority within the club. 

MSA Safeguarding Officer The role of the SAOC Safeguarding Officer is to act as the first point of contact to Club members and wider community for all matters in which there are safeguarding concerns. The Safeguarding Officer will offer advice, guidance or further reporting/signposting to the required agencies as required whilst ensuring confidentiality is maintained. The Safeguarding Officer whilst in role will comply with the requirements as laid out with the description of the MSA Safeguarding Policy.
2nd Chair
Has no specific duties as such but will deputise for the Chairman or secretary at AGM or committee when either is unable to attend.
Is responsible for control of club finances such as receiving income from subscriptions, regalia, spares, adverts etc. Also prepares the annual accounts and balance statement for presentation to the membership at the AGM.
Deals with initial enquiries to the club. Takes minutes of the committee meetings and the AGM, arranging agendas, copies of minutes for previous meetings and arranging the venue for Committee meetings.
Membership Secretary
Receives applications/renewal forms (and payment) from new and existing members. Updates the club’s membership database and sends out membership cards. Provides up to date information on membership on request from committee members or Area reps.
Produces information for the printing of  'Register of Members'
Editor Of Horn
Receives material from the membership intended for inclusion in the club magazine (Alpine Horn) and arranges for it to be collated and laid out in a suitable format to be printed.
Regalia Officer
Holds club stock of regalia. Responsible for ordering stock and arranging for new items to be manufactured. Deals direct with the membership dealing with payment and posting items out in return.
Acting Spares Officer
Holds club stock of spares, recording existing stock. Arranges for the design and manufacture of new stock items when demand for a particular item is identified. Also deals direct with the membership.
Press Officer
Liaises with the classic car press and deals with general press enquiries.
Holds database of all Alpines known to the club. Updates the database as required, receiving completed database amendment forms returned with membership renewal forms and from this site. Will provide information on individual cars (not membership details) at member’s request provided that such information has previously been entered on the database. 
Also assist in recovering registration numbers and valuations.
Information Officer
Will provide general and technical information about the Alpine on request from members of the club. Request for information may be by direct email or made on the club's Forum. (Alpine Technical Problems/Help)
For general information about the club, please contact the secretary.
Association of Rootes Car Clubs (ARCC)

Matt Ollman
Tony Grey
Stephen Chirch
Joana Strickson
Glenn Brackenridge

Acts as a liaison between the SAOC Committee and the ARCC committee. Should regularly attend both committee meetings so that information can be received and given.
Competition Secretary
Liaises between the club, its members and the RACMSA on all matters connected with motor sport.   Link to Forum Section 
Archivist and Editors of the Handbook
Holds all archive material donated or acquired by the club. This includes Alpine or Club photographs, drawings, documents, items etc. (or copies of) covering the period of inception of the Alpine up to present day. Will provide copies of the archive database or of any archive material on request from members. (A fee to cover copying costs may be made for this service).
Maintains a diary of forthcoming events of likely interest to club members, published in the Horn and on this website. 
Webmaster &
Forum Admin.
Deals with general editing including updating the Alpines For Sale page and with the committee's authority  includes various information about the club. Forwards membership applications to the membership secretary received via the web site. Also administers the Club's Forum.

Club Articles 12-1.
Each Committee Member or Representative of a recognised area present at a meeting of the Committee shall be 
entitled to exercise one vote.

The committee are also requested to send regular reports to the editor for inclusion in the Horn.

Meet the Committee. Pictures are for ID purposes and not necessarily of an artistic nature!!

Roll of Honour.

Committee positions held by members since the club was formed in 1977.
(Positions highlighted in Green are the current committee)

President Chairman 2nd Chair Treasurer
Chris McGovern Chris McGovern Richard Jones Justin Harrington
Mike Lake Mike Lake Peter Ward Martin Swift
Richard Jones Paul Norton Bill Barwell Ruth Kirby
Paul Norton Richard Jones Ian Merryweather John Douglas
Chris Barker Ian Merryweather Paul Norton Christina Strunks
David Bradley Tony Willock Peter Graham Ahmad Goodarzi
  Deryck Johnson Christina Strunks John Douglas
Registrar Christina Strunks Andy Goldsmith Bob Standing
Steve Whatley Steve Werrell John Douglas  
Paul Syson Graham Howard Allan Appleby Secretary
Kim Faulkner Allan Appleby Steve Werrell Rita Hawarth
David Bradley     Chris Barker
Tony Willock  Information Editor Richard Jones
  Chris Barker Glenn Brackenridge Val Read
Regalia Paul Norton Ernie Brown Stephen Grant
Dave Holcombe Chris Barker Paul Norton Jane Monk
Greg Holmes   Martin Kingshott Carol Shaw
Chris Barker RAC Rep. Andy Goldsmith Sally Winstanley
Geoff Kenck Josie Stansfield Andrew Austerfield Graham Howard
Brenda Harpem David Bradley Peter Graham Steve Grant
Nigel Marsh Post Disbanded Helen Cowling Jack Smith
Stuart Tidey   John Mowforth  
Tim Collins Handbook Editor Bob Standing Membership
Deryck Johnson Neil Harris Glenn Brackenridge Brenda Harpham
Doug Foster Paul Norton Edmund Ellert Lynne Goulson
Jerome Senn Mark Hawkins   Les Woodcock
Allan Millington Andy Goldsmith Arcc Reps. (5 allowed) Paul Norton
Kevin Birch Chris Barker  Gavin Baldwin Tony Willock
    Paul Norton Pauline Leese
Events Spares Steve Smith Susan Stretch
Dave Holcombe Chris McGovern Tony Willock John Roseby
Gavin Baldwin Malcolm Aldridge John Douglas Sarah Jarrett
Ron Cummings Chris Faulke-Greville Graham Howard Dave Jarrett
Tony Willock Alan Cheeseman  Barry Adamson Simon Edwards
David Evans Deryck Johnson Rod Wallis   Allan Appleby
Steve Wood Trevor Rogers Geoff Woolf Dave Jarrett
John Korving Peter Pescud Matt Ollman   
Allan Appleby Eddie Zetlin Joanna Strickson  Press
Glenn Brakenridge Vacant Tony Grey  Bill Barwell
    Stephen Church Linda Stuart
Competition Webmaster Glenn Brakenridge Quinton Harriott 
Mike Green David Bradley   Steve Wood
Steve Smith David Clark Archivist Steve Werrell
Steve Chapman   Mike Parish John Lee
Peter Kleyn   Andy Goldsmith Joanna Strickson


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