Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club Ltd. Established 1977

SAOC Natonal

Sunday Morning
The AGM in full swing.
The Committee.
From Left to Right.
Peter Kleyn, Graham Howard, Tony Grey, Allan Appleby,
David Bradley, Tony Willock, Matt Ollman,
Glenn Brackenridge, Jo Strickson, Andy Goldsmith,
Chris Barker, Jack Smith, Bob Standing,
and Kevin Birch.
Sunday Morning Run
Can we go now?
Follow me. I know the way.
It's the other way.
No it isn't it's this way!
Parked at the Motor Museum at Calne.
Collars up, it's a bit chilly, must be rain on the way!!
Still, the tea will keep us warm.
You're right, get the hood up quick.
Yes, it rained.
Miscellaneous Pictures
Our official photographer's Home from Home.
Bet you can't guess which country their are from?
It was all too much for Brian.
Yes it was a full moon.
Good Night.
Goodbye from the Bristol Group
Ian and Jane Merryweather
Dave and Dee Jarrett
Rob & Nicky Prentice
Nigel and Trish Horwood
Hal  and Emma Merryweather
Trevor and Sandy Glasspool
Jeff and Roz Truman
Kai Merryweather
David and Jackie Bradley
and Roger

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