Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club Ltd. Established 1977

SAOC National Rally 2017
Trinity Park Norwich

The East Anglian Area Team would like to thank everyone for making the trip to our 2017 National and to thank all those that took the time to tell us that they enjoyed themselves. To our visitors from across the UK and the continent. We hope that the runs showed you the Suffolk Countryside and Coast in the best light and has convinced that you can enjoy yourself in a blustery field.

The weather was great on the whole (with a few well timed exceptions) and as the pictures will show those of you that missed it, the sun shone for most of the time and provided some really great photo opportunities. Many photos have already appeared on Facebook with more in these pages and our own galleries on the website but we have reserved a few really special ones for the Horn.

Finally a big thank you to all our family and friends that helped us over the weekend and spread the load of the event organisation, the runs, directing traffic and making the whole weekend enjoyable for us, the organising team.

Top row (L to R) Peter Ray and James (Mac) McElhinney
Bottom row (L to R) Alan McNeal, Rob Fisher (Area Rep) and Martin Brazill

And you have to pay for the electric hook.
All  set up for the weekend
Parking for day visitors.
But you must park in a straight line!
Kent area tent.
OK where's everybody gone?
Eddie Zetlein or Spares Officer.
Hi everyone, I am open for business.
More parts
Even more bits.
No it's not an Alpine, just a visitor.
Can't quite remember the manufacturer's name.
I'll name this car in one.
It's a Venezia.
A visiting Talbot.
But can you name the model?

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