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Only sold to club members

We are unable to supply Spares to the USA and Canada

How to order your Spares.

The Spares Secretary's post is currently vacant - please contact the Chairman if you can help

and for Spares enquiries

This is the process ...

1. Email at    (Do not send any money) 

2. Please advise if you want to pay by (1) Cheque or (2) PayPal via the club’s web site.
3. I will advise if it’s in stock and how much it will cost to send to you.
4. Post me the cheque payable to the SAOC Ltd. or pay by PayPal via this web site.
5. I will send out the parcel by post or courier as soon as I am able.


Spot Light Brackets, Badge Bars and Accessory Bars are limited as these hand made.

The price for  P & P is for payment by cheque. If payment is to be by PayPal then 4% UK or 5% Other, will be added to the total, to cover the charges imposed on us by PayPal.

Description Price (GBP) £
Body and Trim:
Alpine Script. New OEM Quality Remanufactured from Pewter £20.00
Front Number plate Brackets Reman, Powder coated. OOS atm £25.00
GT Doorcard Stiffener set ( Does 2 door cards as sold by the Tiger club £30.00
Rootes Original Dashboard Badge ( NOS ) £10.00
Rootes Original Badge Bar clamps ( NOS ) to clear 1 pair only. £20.00
Bonnet Badge Series 3 £8.50
Grille Badge Series 4,5  only a couple left now £10.00
Treadplate Trim Chrome Screws  (set 16) £10.00
Petrol Tank Cover Screw and Cupwashers set (28) £20.00
Wing Shield Chrome Surrounds High Quality Reman £17.00
Specification Plates £10.00
Chassis ID Plates £8.00
Badge Bar £75.00
Accessory Bar £32.00
Pair of Fog and Spot Brackets (Acc Bar Mount) £53.00
Pair of Fog and Spot Brackets (Bumper Mounted with spacers ) £64.00
Screen Washer T Pieces £2.00
Stainless Steel Draught Excluder Strip (1 Metre length) £12.00
Boot Rack not in stock       OOS at the moment
Fuel System
Ball joint rose threaded for crank rod at no.P117316  NOS £1.00
Exhaust manifold/Twin Downpipe gasket NOS £4.50
Solex Compound Carb Rubber Seal for Gauze Filter ( V. Rare ) new £10.00
Stromberg Carburettor Dashpot Screw Set £8.00
Series 5 Air Filters (OEM Quality) £32.00
Petrol Pump Repair Kit £19.50
Stromberg Gasket Kits (each) only I kit left now £5.00
Stromberg Overhaul kits Complete for both carbs. Everything included £108.00
Throttle Return Springs  only one left now £4.00
Cooling System
Stainless Steel Hose Clip Sets £34.00
Top and Bottom Hoses (sold in pair sets only)
Series 2  only left now £35.00
Series 3,4,5 £35.00
Fan Belts (1592 cc) and (1725 ) different sizes please note £6.50
Thermostat £6.50
S1,2,3,4  Heater Valve brackets Reman. in Stainless Steel. Hi Quality £7.50
Radiator Cap Stainless Steel 15lb Relief Safety Lever Tiger  Uk made £10.00
Radiator Cap in Polished Stainless Steel 15lb Relief Tiger £8.00
Radiator Cap Stainless Steel 10lb Safety Lever  Alpine £10.00
Radiator Cap in polished Stainless Steel 10lb Relief Alpine £8.00
Brakes and Clutch
8.5 inch Clutch Release Bearing Carbon Thrust NOS Boxed £20.00
Rear Wheel cyl. Series 1,2,3,4,5  Manual Adjuster £25.00
5038191/KL71535/50641 Ser1,2,3,4 Clutch MC Repair kit £8.50
50879/SP2042 Ser 3 Rear Wheel Cylinder Repair kit   each £8.50
50975/SP2105 Ser 3,4,5 Brake Master Cylinder Repair kit £8.50
50965/SP2501 Ser All  Brake Caliper Repair kit   each £8.50
558936/51153  Ser 5 Only Clutch MC Repair kit £8.50
50673  Universal Clutch Slave Cylinder Repair kit £8.50
50551/SP2032 Ser 1,2 Early 4 and late 5 Rear Wheel Cylinder Repair kit £8.50
Handbrake Rod clips (each) £2.00
Clutch Thrust pad retaining clips (2 needed)(each) £1.00
Brake Caliper Pistons  each £15.00
The following kits are OEM quality made by Lucas Girling. One kit will repair a complete Axle set. New Old Stock in boxes
Brake MC Repair Kit S1/2  SP2076 £12.50
Series 5 Clutch MC Repair kit 5/8 inch diameter £12.00
Clutch Slave cyl. Repair kit 7/8 inch diameter (with hole) £10.50
Rear WC Repair kit Series 1,2,3,4 £12.00
Rear WC Repair Kit S5 Auto adjust SP 2296 £12.00
Brake MC Repair kit  7/8 inch diameter £12.00
Electrical System
Headlamp Backing Rings (each) Lucas Genuine NOS only I pair left each £3.00
Lucas Reverse Light Lens only 1 pair left now  each lens £6.00
Rear Lamp Brake Lens S1/2 Used but VGC only 2   each £20.00
Rear Lamp Indicator Lens £16.00
Original Glass Sidelight/Indicator lens for S1/S2 only I pair left   each £3.00
Chrome rings for early sidelights ( limited number ) only 1 left £1.00
Overdrive Solenoids £65.00
Lucas LT lead with terminal block £10.00
Steering and Suspension
Track Rod Ball Joint Rubber Boots (pair ) £8.00
Top Ball Joint Rubber Boot (each) £7.00
Shock Absorber Top Metal Cup £1.00
New Centre Track Rod cw grease nipples £95.00
Steering Box and Column Remanufactured to OEM quality with brand new worm and nut by Experienced, long Established Local Company. The best there is. Exchange Unit required in serviceable condition (All Series) £250.00
Oil Filter Series 5 £6.50
Timing Chain Tensioner Spring £2.00
Set of Core Plugs (6 in set) £12.00
Gearbox and Overdrive
Overdrive Adaptor casings, choice of two at £50.00 new or £30,00 good 2nd hand.
One Series 4 Overdrive and Adapter casing. Working needs Solenoid £90.00
Series 3 Handbooks Repro Photocopy only 1 left £8.50
CD ROM Spares Manual  (Alpine and Tiger) £6.00
CD The Rootes Group, Back Together Again. The First Album £5.00

Spares Pictures (Click to enlarge)

Accessory Bar & Bolts

Accessory Bar Mounted Spot
Light Brackets

Bumper Mounted Spot
Light Brackets

Chrome Badge Bar

Chrome Shield

Front Number Plate Bracket
Powder Coated

Low Tension Lead and Block

Stromberg Overhaul Kit
Inc Needles and Jets

Boot Striker

Series III Bonnet
and Grill Badge

Radiator Cap
Stainless Steel Heater
Valve Bracket

Stainless Steel Hose Clips Set

Stainless Steel Petrol Tank
Cover Screw Set

Pair of Track Rod
Dust Covers

Upper Ball Joint
Dust Cover

Series III Handbook Reprint

Parts List CD Rom

Chassis Vin Plate 

Specification Plate

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