Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club Ltd. Established 1977

40th Anniversary

Presidents Cup and Special Awards.

The President's Cup is a recent addition to our trophies. Unlike most of the others, it has nothing to do with paint finish or originality. It's presented to someone who, in the opinion of the President, aided by the Chairman and Secretary, deserves special recognition for his or her efforts on behalf of the Club and its members.

The Presidents Cup
Graham Howard

I first meet the recipient many years ago at an Annual Rally when the committee were looking for volunteers to fill a number of posts for their three-year stint. This person did show some interest in volunteering so he was quickly bound, gagged and dragged to the AGM to be nominated for a post. Actually, it was two posts he eventually volunteered for  the positions were  the ARCC rep. From 2004 until 2007 and Secretary from 2004 to 2012. In 2013 he was then elected by the committee to the post of Chairman but in 2016 he stepped down due to some health problems.
He is still at the end of a phone and I have used his advice, knowledge and expertness a number of times. (ed)

Andy Goldsmith

Once again this year's award goes to another long-term member of the club and there must be an association with Alpines and the club lasting all of 35 years or more.
He has held two committee posts over the years, one of which was the editor of the Horn from 1991 to 1993 and then as the clubs Archivist from 1993 up to present day. Over the years he has been greatly involved with editing the Club's Handbook.
He has, on many an occasions, climbed into his loft to extract many items of historic interest and Regalia to display. The last exhibition was in June 2016 at the open day at the ARCC Trust in Banbury.

Ian Merryweather

This  recipient is one of the original members of the club and was instrumental with others in formulating the original club rules and Concourse Rules, volunteering as an area rep. in 1981 and a post he still holds today.
He was voted Vice Chairman 91 and held that post for 6 years and he was Chairman in 97 for three years.
When the committee discuss matters that need further input the Chairman emails the Area Reps. for comments or suggestions and he is usually one of the first to reply with well thought out observations for and against the matter in hand.
He has also offered his advice on many legal matters that have occurred from time to time. (Free of charge I might add) ed.
And finally, he has owned the same Alpine, for more years than he may wish to remember, since he bought it at the age of 16.

Matt Ollman

For his work at the ARCC.
For scanning and transferring original Alpine drawings on to computer a commitment he still does today.

Jerome Senn

For his work on the 50th Anniversary Regalia
and the new Weber Carburetor.
Peter Pescud

This year's recipient, contributed time, energy and expertise as our Spares Officer. He built up the Club spares  range and scale, and was always ready to help members in need of bits. He turned up at countless events with a trailer and car full of parts for us, which meant he had to leave his Alpine at home. And all these bits had to be stored somewhere, and then loaded and unloaded for each event.  

Jo and Roy Winters

Area Reps for Birmingham for 25 years.
Organisers of the 50th Anniversary Rally held in Cannes
David Bradley (Web site booking form and menu forms)
Tony and Linda Grey (Bookings)
Roger Granger (Hotel ground displays and Saturday evening meals)
David Marshall (Arranging Friday evening and Sunday Lunch in France)
Fred Openshaw Memorial Tankard
Steve Rozier

This year it goes to not just one person but to a group of friends who belong to the Leicester South West Area Group and helpers from the West Midlands and other parts of the country.   They have over the last four years attended the NEC Restoration show and displayed their knowledge on how to repair Alpines over the shows duration and judging by the comments the committee have receive it has to be one of the best adverts for the club along with the NEC Classic car Show.

The area rep for this group is Steve Rozier and the helpers were: and I am going to name them all because there is not enough room on the mug; Terry Newell, Tony Helps,  Glyn Griffith, Brian Thake, Jason Wilkinson,  Sam Wilkinson, Ben Reeve, Roy and Joe Winters, Jim Galloway, Ken Bright, Keith and Vicky Rushel, Mike Jaggard and Paul Essex Also 2 non members that helped me out Glenn Lafford-Smith and Simon Sharman


James McElinney

When the club became Ltd. the accounts had to be audited so we needed a qualified accountant and once again this long term member volunteered to take on the mission.

Jo Strickson

This year it goes to a relatively new member from 2012 who came in like a whirlwind and volunteered to be on the committee as Press Officer and as one of the ARCC Reps. When Roy and Jo Winters decided to have a rest from running the SAOC stand at the NEC Classic Show this person took over and if that was not enough, volunteered to run this years National.

Chris Harrison
For organising Spares day for 10 years.
Waiting Picture
MRSA National Road Rally Championships
Peter Kleyn

There is a total of eleven races over the year and Peter competed in eight but came out top of the points,