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40th Anniversary

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Old Photographs

Pictures from the competition Department in Stoke.

Pictures supplied by Tony Beck.

The racing Alpines
General opinion is the race track is Riverside USA 1961

This photograph dated October1961 (developed November 1961) shows two Alpines which were driven by
Sir Stirling Moss OBE & Jack Brabham who is leaning on No. 7.
In his book “My Cars, My Races” Moss is less than complimentary about the preparation of the cars! 
Sponsors of the cars may have been by local dealers Bud Rose and or Larry Read .

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Jack Brabham sits in the production car 1f. 1961


This photograph from the same day in 1961 shows Sir Stirling Moss OBE and Jack Brabham. Jack is on Stirling's right and to his left is Norman Garrard and his son Ian the sun glasses. 
Standing far left is Jimmy Ashworth.
This photo is also dated November 1961. 
The man on the left is David Manning-Press who supplied the photographs with his assistant Bill. Rumour has it that Bill left to open a pub in Santa Monica which was called 'The Mucky Duck'. 
Does anyone know if it is still there?
26/1/2009 Andrew Allaway.
It is called "Ye Olde Mucky Duck" has a good reputation - I may have eaten there but tend to use a restaurant about 100m away.

Original photographs by kind permission of David Manning-Press passed to the SAOC at the ARCC Millennium Rally at Blenheim August 2000.

Other Photographs.

A new colour picture of the 1961 Sunbeam works cars has just surfaced and is re-writing history. For years we in the States have assumed the works cars for 1961 were in the official Rootes livery of Seacrest Green (just like they were in 1962) with white hardtops.
But as you'll see in the attached photograph, they really were Wedgewood Blue. Two were right hand drive and the third left hand drive. In the foreground you'll spot one of each, with the other RHD car way up ahead. Picture from Scott Christie SAOCA.

Rootes factory and showroom. 
5820 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles. Cira 1960/61.
Is that a Sunbeam Rapier parked outside?

Piccadilly Circus London Circa 1960. Can you spot the Alpine?
Original photograph from Gerald Francis.

This photo from the early '60s was one of Rootes promotional shots for the American Market.

The only information we have about this one is what you see on the picture.

This Series III Alpine is racing alongside GT40s is from 1966. The race is the 24 hour Daytona and the drivers were, Donna Mimes/Suzy Dietrich/Janet Guthrie. 

Stirling in full flow.

Followed by Brabham.

Jim Latimer driving a factory prepared car. It would seem there is no filler cap but the race prepared cars had the filler cap run out of the back window.

No 78, a Series IV or V, was the one raced by Smokey Drolett and Rosemary Smith

Sunbeam Alpine National 1990. Silverstone

Thanks goes to Scott E Christie and Steven Silverstein in America.
For more details of racing Alpines in the USA visit this site by
 Steven Silverstein.

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