The Sunbeam Alpine Register

Please take a few minutes to take all the numbers from your car (not the registration document) and enter the details in the spaces below. This information will be kept on Microsoft Access Database which is administered by a committee member.

As required by Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club Ltd Articles the identity of the owner will be withheld and not disclosed without authority of that person.
If any details are missing from your Alpine, enter ‘None’ in the appropriate box.

If the vehicle is a Harrington, please enter the details in the 'Information Box' below:

Is the vehicle in use?
Yes No 

Minor Restoration?
Yes No 

Off Road Restoration?
Yes No 

Will you allow your Alpine to be used by the Classic Car Press for articles?
Yes No 

And lastly, if you are a member of the Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club Ltd. UK,
your SAOC Ltd. Club Number

I am in the process of joining the club
Yes No 

I have joined but not yet received my Membership Number.
Yes No 

We thank you for taking the time to complete this form and when submitted the details will be entered onto the database and an acknowledgement with the Alpines ID Registration Number returned to your email address.

If you are having any problems filling out this form, please contact the Webmaster.